A Manual For Your Life
by Connie Muther

Table of Contents

  1. Purpose, overview & description
  2. Internal Networking: The Mastermind round table & the partner-coach
  3. Who are you? What is your purpose? What do you believe?
  4. List of accomplishments
  5. Listening: What is happiness for you?
  6. Failure is a gift you give yourself
  7. How to use fear to motivate
  8. Decisions, decisions? Ways to decide
  9. Financial security: How much is enough?
  10. The future: How to survive and thrive
  11. Dreams, wishes & goals: How to identify your goals
  12. How to frame and solve a problem
  13. How to create a successful action plan
  14. Do you really need a job?
  15. How to sell yourself
  16. Researching the possibilities
  17. Interviewing: How to do it
  18. Guaranteed: How to get the job you want
  19. How to advance and grow
  20. How to create your own business
  21. Success? What to do when it's not enough
  22. Notes & summary pages
  23. Inspiration
  24. Resources
  25. Reproducible forms

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