Paid to Be Happy Workshop


"Connie Muther's Paid to be Happy class was largely responsible for my move to the ocean where I've always wanted to be. The inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm that Connie supplies in her course helps dreams come true! I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to add more joy to their life."

Pat Caron
Mystic, CT


"Connie's course gave me the power to find in myself the courage, strength and ambition I never knew I had. I am a new person. I have started my own business where I can stay at home with my children."

Karen Pollock, Audiologist
West Hartford, CT


"Connie's course was the first of it's kind for me. I entered at a major turning point in my life and, subsequently, had the support, inspiration and information to move forward with enthusiasm and confidence. She is an exceptionally bright and generous woman with a program that walks it's talk."

Sharyn Berman, Dancer/Business Owner
Farmington, CT


"Connie and her "Paid to be Happy" course gave me the direction to change my life. I am now a self-employed consultant. I love my work now so that I don' t think about retiring any more. I spend 5-6 weeks a year on vacation and still manage to make more money than I ever did before."

Tom Finn, Consultant
South Windsor, CT


"I had always been a bit envious of people who seemed to have tapped into their talents and were doing what they loved. If you've ever felt this way and find the idea of being paid to be happy even a bit intriguing, take Connie's course. She shows you how to use your talents and turn your dreams into reality, and, even if you don't think you have a dream, she helps you uncover one! Since participating in her course and follow-up support group, I've found what I love to do and am doing it!"

Anita Bibeau, Photographer & Writer
East Hartford, CT

Schedule or Attend a Be Happy Workshop

Currently offered at Manchester Community College, Manchester, CT. Contact Connie Muther for more information or to schedule a workshop for your organization.


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