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Belasco, James A. & Stayer, Ralph C.
Flight of the Buffalo.
1993. Warner Books, Inc.
Major thesis: Most managers lead an organization like buffalo, charging blindly ahead in fits and starts, urging the herd to follow. The principles outlined provide a framework to lead so all people within the organization become more like a flight of self-directed geese flying in formation. This is an excellent book for any leader.
(Reading difficulty: 4)
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Byrne, John A.
The Whiz Kids: The Founding Fathers of American Business

©1993 Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio Publishing.
The "whiz kids" were a group of army, airforce officers who teamed up to rescue the Ford Company. They were statisticians who ultimately changed our focus on quality of product to "the bottom line." Byrne tells us how each man's soaring success ricocheted into stunning failure. The group's charismatic leader, Tex Thorton, eventually left Ford to create Litton Industries, America's first major conglomerate - a doomed monument to number over quality; Robert McNamara, feared in Detroit as the human computer, and later as Secretary of Defense, tried to win the Vietnam War by sheer numbers - of enemy casualties.
(Listening difficulty: 2)
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Collins, James C. and Porras, Jerry I.,
Built to Last Successful Habits of Visionary Companies
© 1994. Harper Audio, Two Cassettes. Fascinating Audio Tape. Result of 6 year study of 18 companies juxtaposed with a control group of 18 that are successful but not visionary. Destroys the myths about commonly held beliefs about successful organizations.
(Listening difficulty: 1)
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Bolles, Richard.
What Color is Your Parachute?

Still the best job search and employment book in the industry! Essential for anyone seeking employment.
(Reading difficulty: 3)
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Hill, Napoleon.
Think and Grow Rich
1937 - 1988. EP Dutton, Penguin Books.
One of my favorites. Hill spent 20 years interviewing 501 of the most successful people of his time (Ford, Edison, Carnegie, Roosevelt...) to determine what makes them successful. Basic answer: We become what we think about. Strategies are presented of how to do it. Excellent: You may want both book and audio tape. I preferred the tape.
(Reading/listening difficulty: 3)
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Bach, David.
Smart Women Finish Rich.

1999. Broadway Books.
This well written, excellent, easy to understand book contains the essentials of personal finances that everyone should know - but it is specifically aimed for women. It provides good definitions and simple explanations. Highly recommended.
(Reading level: 1)
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Dominguez, Joe; & Vicki Robin.
Your Money or Your Life.

1992. Viking Penguin Publishers.
Outstanding. Excellent. Basic thesis: One hour of work = one hour of your own life's energy. Your non-refundable resource! How much do you actually earn for each hour of your life? The book provides exercises to follow. Workshop participants, especially men, have found this book has changed their lives! Strongly recommended!
(Reading difficulty: 4.)
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Stanley, Thomas J., Ph. D.
The Millionaire Next Door.The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy.
This book contains fun and surprising information about self made millionaires. Mainly they hold onto the dollars they earn and put them into asset accounts. They buy things second hand and are incredibly frugal; they are usually married to an even more frugal spouse. Recommended.
(Reading level: 1)
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Allen, James.
As A Man Thinketh.
1989. A Running Press Miniature Edition. Running Press Book Publishers.
Classic, tiny, essay-book. "All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts . . . " We are what we think. Keep moving forward in your dreams.
(Reading difficulty: 2).
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Dyer, Wayne. There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem.
2001. Harper Collins (book); Harper audio.
All of Waynes books and tapes are excellent . But this latest is his best. Hightly recommended! (Reading/listening difficulty: 2)
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Giono, Jean.
The Man Who Planted Hope and Grew Happiness.
1981. Friends of Nature.
This sixteen-page booklet describes how one man, Elzeard Bouffier, planted 100 acorns every day to create an entire forest. Totally isolated and alone he planted on dry, barren land that had once supported life. Wonderful, simple, true, inspirational story. (Reading difficulty: 2)
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Kaufman, Barry.
Happiness is a Choice. 1992.
The Options Institute. Audiotape lecture is best. Two questions always ask: Is this good for me? Is this bad for me? Every thought is an event to your brain. Neuro peptides are released that impact entire body. Everything is an opportunity. Sadness & grief are not necessary. Buddhists don't grieve, celebrate life. Taught differently. We are all capable of making positive choices. See yourself as a candle, begin with your heart first, then stretch out. Crafted talk. Highly recommended. (Listening level: 1)
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Leider, Richard J. & David A. Shapiro.
Repacking Your Bags: Lighten Your Load For the Rest of Your Life.
©1996. Audio Literature.
Excellent audio using the metaphor of backpacking and what you need to carry with you. It shows you how to "unpack: your physical, emotional and intellectual baggage and "repack: to make the most of the continuing journey of your life. Wonderful, simple ideas to think about. Some parts are not as good as others. But highly recommended. (Listening difficulty: 2)
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Shekerjian, Denise.
Uncommon Genius: How Great Ideas Are Born.
© 1990. Penguin Books.
Shekerjian traces the creative impulse with 40 MacArthur award winners. Some of her conclusions are:

Highly recommended. Well written, fascinating. (Reading difficulty: 3).
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Bennis, Warren.
On Becoming a Leader.
© 1991 Simon & Schuster Audio.
Highly recommended. Should be required. Leaders: Are made - not born; Know their strengths & minimize their weaknesses; Have a passion for life, a guiding purpose and listen to their inner voice. Great leaders find out what they are all about and they are that. (Listening difficulty: 2)
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Canfield, Jack.
1995. Career Tracks.
These 6 audio tapes are outstanding. Each could stand alone, with the exception of side nine which is all affirmations. The question/answers at the end are every bit as good as the workshop. Ten steps to peak performance: 1) Let go of the past (Oh, what the heck, go for it anyway!) 2.) Affirm and acknowledge your strengths; 3.) Have a life purpose to clarify your vision and values; 4.) Learn the power of setting goals and objectives; 5.) Visualize and affirm your goals; 6.) Take action and ask, ask, ask! 7.) Get feedback to help you stay on course; 8.) Persevere; 9.) Enjoy! 10.) Have the attitude of gratitude. Highly recommended.
(Listening difficulty: 2)
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Covey, Steven R.
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
1989. Simon & Schuster.
Audio tapes available through Nightingale-Conant. Research over the last 150 years reveals that in the last 50 years "success" literature expounds on quick tricks & manipulation, whereas all previous years a focus on character qualities and values resulted in success. This book reveals how off the track we have come and how to get yourself back on the right track for you. 7 habits are: 1) Be proactive; 2) Begin with the end in mind; 3) Put first things first; 4) Think win/win; 5) Seek first to understand, then be understood; 6) Synergize; 7) Sharpening the Saw. Excellent.
(Reading difficulty: 3.)
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Covey, Steven R.
First Things First
©1994 Simon & Schuster Audio.
Combines the content from "7 Habits" and "Principle Centered Leadership" into one tape. Very little new information. But, if you haven't listened to his other tapes - you'll enjoy this one.

Csiksentmihalyi, Mihaly.
FLOW: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.
1990. HarperCollins Publishers.
Basic thesis: States of "optimal experience" (what makes us happy) are identifiable, experienced by everyone, and therefore can be controlled. If you can identify what makes you happy, then you can control your own happiness. Five C's: Clarity, Centering, Choice, Commitment, Challenge. Two entropy conditions: Boredom and Anxiety. Outstanding! Highly recommended. The audio is easier than the book.
(Reading difficulty: 5) (Listening difficulty: 2)
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Sher, Barbara.
Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want 1983, 79. Ballantine Books, Random House.
Well written excellent audio tape that not only helps you determine what you want, but provides steps to get there! Excellent. If I had written a book, this is the one I would want to have written. Sher has success team classes built around this book which get people into action toward their dreams. Strongly recommended.
(Listening difficulty: 1)
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Sher, Barbara.
Live the Life You Love in ten easy step-by-step lessons
1996. Ballantine Doubleday. All Barbara's materials are outstanding, but I feel this is her best. Strongly recommended!
(Reading difficulty:1)
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