Monarch Butterfly

Nature: My Monarch Journal

This is a journal of a miracle-- a Monarch miracle. First it's a tiny egg, then a caterpillar, then a chrysalis. Finally, it emerges as a beautiful butterfly.

As a caterpillar, the Monarch has 16 legs, chews on milkweed and grows to be about 3,000 times heavier than when born. As a chrysalis, it has no legs and eats nothing. As a butterfly, it sips nectar through its built-in straw and flies. Inside and out, the Monarch has changed completely. The ultimate in metamorphosis!

Children looking at butterflyThis book will guide you and your children in raising Monarchs, witnessing the fantastic changes that occur, and then setting them free. The background behind every photograph is explained. There are tips for parents or teachers, space for your childs' notes with drawings, and progress charts. Your student is the witness, the scientist and will, hopefully, gain a profound appreciation for monarchs and for nature.

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Nature: My Monarch Journal
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