Monarch Butterfly

Nature: My Monarch Journal

Table of Contents

4: The Egg Hatches
5: The First Meal
6: The Hatchling Grows
7: Eating, Pooping, Walking -- and Swinging
8: Preparing to Molt
9: Getting Out of the Old Skin
10: Finally Free!
11: The Molted Skin--Yum!
12: The Body Parts
13: Let's Face It -- I'm Cute!
14: How Old is Your Caterpillar?
15: Roaming and Spinning
16: Creating a White "Button"
17: Letting Go!
18: Last Hours as a Caterpillar
19: Forming the Chrysalis
20: Becoming a Chrysalis
21: The Chrysalis--Beautiful and Intriguing
22: A Butterfly is Born
23: The Emerging Monarch
24: The Home Stretch
25: Examining Your New Butterfly
26: Releasing Your Butterfly
27: Milkweed--for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
28: How to Find, Care For and Study Monarch Caterpillars
30: The Growth of My Monarch
31: Glossary
32: Introduction for Parents and Teachers
34: Beginning of Page-by-Page Background for Parents and Teachers
46: How to Find, Care For and Study Monarch Caterpillars
48: A Parent-Teacher Checklist
49: How to Find the "Age" of Your Caterpillar
50: Events in my Monarch's Life
51: A Butterfly Bibliography

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