"We have been sponsoring Connie Muther's workshops for years and will continue to do so. Connie and her associates always receive the highest ratings!"

Phil Harris
Staff Development Director, retired Phi Delta Kappa International

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"This has been some of the best money I have ever spent. The teachers feel powerful. There is no other word for it! They feel respected and cooperative and it just keeps building."

Randy Bell
Hudson, NH

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"We have used this process for every subject for the past 10 years. Our teachers are usually in agreement, feel empowered, they even enjoy serving on the committees. After my retirement, the San Francisco Unified School District continues to use the process and I work as a consultant to guide them in new instructional materials adoptions. I also introduced the process to Oakland Unified School District (2001). They were so happy to use an objective process rather than the vendor driven/piloting process they had used previously... I strongly recommend this process and Connie Muther as a consultant!"

Maxine Driscoll
Program Administrator
Textbooks, Media and Library
San Francisco Unified School District, CA

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"I have worked with Connie Muther's process for years. The process is sequential, logically defensible and objective. Every year it reveals more and more to me - and I find the strategies help me in many aspects of my life."

Woody Ziegler
Principal, Curriculum Director, Assistant Professor, NE

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"This process is wonderful. We had total concensus. The building representatives were so well prepared, the critics just went away. We've had no negative comments. It was the best and smoothest process we've ever experienced."

John Tidd
Principal (Reading adoption chair)
Crawfordville, IN

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"The approach of this process is practical, comprehensive and directed toward the improvement of teaching and learning. Decisions must be supported with examples through research."

Deborah Blair
Stony Brook, NY

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"This workshop gave me insight into a valuable, unbiased tool for evaluating quality. This process and materials should help imporve teaching and learning in my school and district."

Joy Custis
Fort Pierce, FL

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"Connie Muther is an excellent presenter. She gave practical, no nonsence steps to follow and allowed time for the group to practice (apply) each step. We implemented this process and it worked beautifully. I highly recommend it!"

Dorothy Todd
Associate Superintendent
Carson City, NV

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"I have used Connie Muther as a consultant for almost 15 years and will continue to hire her. The process is logical, practical and empowering for all teachers. Every task reinforces our curriculum and testing. It ensures quality instruction is selected based on our student and teacher needs."

John Kewer
South Plainfield, NJ

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